Supplementary Elections

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Supplementary Elections

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Key dates

  • Tuesday, 20 October: nominations open at 12pm

  • Tuesday, 10 November: nominations close at 12pm

  • Monday, 23 November: ballots for contested positions open at 12pm

  • Monday, 14 December: ballots close at 12pm

General Supplementary Election

Notice to members (download the below information as a PDF)

In accordance with clause 83 of the AgForce Queensland Farmers Limited constitution, the Nomination and Rules Committee call for nominations for positions of office. Vacant positions are listed in the Schedule below:

North Queensland

  • Regional President (1)
  • Regional Councillor Representatives (4)

South East Queensland

  • Regional Councillor Representatives (3)

Southern Inland Queensland

  • Regional Councillor Representatives (2)

Central Queensland

  • Regional Councillor Representatives (2)


Nominations open at midday on Tuesday, 20 October 2020. Nominations must be written, signed by the nominees, their proposers and seconders, all of whom must be voting members, and reside in or have business interests in their region, and be lodged with the Nomination and Remuneration Committee no later than midday on Tuesday, 10 November 2020.

A nomination form suitable for use in this election is printed with this notice. Nomination forms are also available from the AgForce Brisbane office. Any nomination that complies with AgForce Queensland Farmers Limited Constitution is acceptable.

Nominations may be received by hand delivery, post, facsimile or email that includes the signatures of the nominees and nominators. Nominees will receive a confirmation email that their nomination has been received by the Brisbane office.

Eligibility to contest the election

Any voting member is entitled to nominate for and be elected to the office of General President.

Only voting members may be nominated to office. A financial voting member is a member whose subscription is no more than 60 days in arrears as at the date of the opening of nominations.

Prospective candidates should refer to the Constitution for further details relating to requirements to stand for office, and it is recommended that prospective candidates, their proposers and seconders confirm their financial status and other qualifications required before lodging a nomination form.

Election Guidance Policy

As per the Election Guidance Policy, past employees must have a period of at least two years between leaving an operational/salaried role and taking on an elected or governance role within the organisation and that elected members have a period of at least two years between leaving an elected or governance role and taking on an operational or salaried role within the organisation.

Candidate statements

Candidates may lodge a statement on an A4 sheet of paper, or an email, and include their name and other details, e.g. their credentials, policies, views and work (industry) history. Statements will be reproduced and distributed with ballot materials. These statements must reach the Brisbane office by close of nominations.


Ballots for contested positions will open on Monday, 23 November 2020. Only financial voting members who reside in or have business interests in their region when nominations close may vote in the elections. The ballot will close at midday on Monday, 14 December 2020. Members should ensure that AgForce is advised of any change in their membership details.

Cattle Supplementary Election

Cattle notice to members (download the below information as a PDF)

Nominations are called for the positions of board director of AgForce Cattle Limited.

The numbers of representatives for each region are:

Central Queensland

  • Regional Councillor Representative (1)

The term of office for directors is two (2) years.

The position of commodity president was filled during the AgForce general elections.

Please direct any questions about board member responsibilities or the election process to AgForce Livestock Policy Director Ivar Bisseling on (07) 3236 3100.


  1. General nomination form
  2. Cattle nomination form


  1. AgForce Constitution
  2. Code of conduct for elected representatives
  3. Communication protocols for elected representatives

Supplementary Elections

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