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Agribusiness management programs

12-Month Agribusiness Management Program

Are you looking to create a high performing agribusiness that is more professional, profitable, easier to run, and meets your needs?

For many in agriculture, managing the 'business' side of things can be challenging, particularly around business growth, financial and staff management, succession planning and more.

What is the Program about?
The 12-month 'Agribusiness Management Program' is designed to support agribusiness owners in better managing their businesses. The aim is for participants to get clear on what needs to change in their businesses to take things to the 'next level'.

The Program features outside the square thinking from business specialists about key business issues, based around the ABDI 12-Pillars of Business Best Practice.

Key topics include:

  • Business growth/expansion
  • Business management and governance
  • Financial management and strategy
  • People management (staff, contractors and families)
  • Succession (or business growth and transition)
  • Marketing and customer engagement
  • And more

What's included?
Run over 12 months, the program features a combination of 3x 2-day workshop events, personal business mentoring, peer-to-peer group support and online learning.

You'll connect with industry specialists, in a group of like-minded people to work through your key business issues, then work with your personal mentor to start making the changes.

To find out more or register
Subsidies are available to participants from the livestock industries.

For more information, such as dates and pricing:

12-week' Agribusiness By Design' Business Intensive Program

The 12-week Agribusiness By Design Program is a short and comprehensive business intensive program.

Many business owners, managers and entrepreneurs are looking to fast track their business growth, or fine tune their current business management processes.

The program is designed to provide participants with the fundamentals of business best practice, that they can then apply to their businesses.

What's included in the program?
It features discussion around business planning, products and customers, financial fundamentals, staff and family management, and more.

The program commences with a 2-day workshop, supported by weekly learning materials and several group business mentoring sessions over 12 weeks.

Participants will develop their own business action plan, describing what needs to the actioned in their businesses over the coming 12 months.

How can you get involved?
Programs will be running across QLD in 2018. To find out locations, costs and more details:

Agribusiness management programs

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