Play smart, not hard when faced with animal activists

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Play smart, not hard when faced with animal activists

Recent operations from animal activists have highlighted the need for calm in the face of what are senseless, pointless, illegal attacks on hard-working Aussie farming families like you.

Your frustration, and even anger, at the lack of accountability of these people and the inaction by government to strengthen trespassing laws in Queensland is understandable.

But in the face of all of this, it is ever more important to remain cool and prepare well.

Displays of anger, engaging aggressively or worse, physically, will play into the hands of activists and work against you. These actions are the last thing you, your family, or the industry need. They are counterproductive and help the activists’ cause.

Instead, while the activists are videoing you, video them right back. Video everything they do and attempt to identify the ring leaders, but don’t get in their way.

Call the police immediately via Policelink on 131 444 if you find trespassers on your property, or on 000 if you or your family feel in danger.

Provide trespassers with written direction to leave your property using a template similar to the below. Make sure you print or write out the below bolded text, inserting your own personal information; and have it with you, in your hand, and read it out to the trespassing activists. Reading this out and providing trespasses with this official direction will assist police when removing trespassers.

"I am …………….…(name, and position in company if applicable) of the …………………(company if applicable), the person or agent of the person in peaceful possession of ……………………(property/land/place etc.). To all those on/within ………… (name of property/street/road/place), I revoke all lawful rights to be here, and I now require you to immediately move yourselves and all of your personal property off ……………… (property/name/road/place)."

We encourage all members to review their current security arrangements at this time.

You can find a summary of the relevant legislation (PDF), outlining the rights of landowners and the circumstances under which police can take action.

Remember, play smart not hard in the face of animal activists. Gradually, governments and law enforcement are catching up. AgForce is working closely with the regulators to support you as best as possible given the unpredictability of the current situation.

Play smart, not hard when faced with animal activists

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