Grazing and Grains in Reef regions

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Grazing and Grains in Reef regions

Re-commenced Reef protection regulations – how to comply? 

Since April 2016, fertiliser and pesticide records are required by graziers on more than 2000 ha in the Burdekin, Wet Tropics and Mackay Whitsunday catchments.

Here's what records are required (PDF). For more information, contact Queensland Government on 13 74 68 or visit

Recent changes to the Vegetation Management Act
The Queensland Labor Government introduced a Bill to Parliament on the 17th March 2016 to amend the Vegetation Amendment Act.  There was immediate commencement of sections of the Bill, with other changes proposed if the Bill is passed later in the year.  Many of these amendments affect all land tenures with native regrowth and no Property Map of Assessable Vegetation (PMAV).

Do you have new proposed category C regrowth and Category R Reef watercourse regrowth on your property?
Read more about the proposed changes (PDF)

What vegetation clearing can occur in new proposed Category C and R regrowth areas?
Check your Regulated Vegetation Management map (available at ) to see if you are part of the million hectares across Reef regions affected by the State Government's new regrowth layer. The main Reef regions affected are Burnett Mary, Fitzroy and Mackay Whitsunday catchments.  Check the last two pages of your Regulated Vegetation map for the light orange proposed Category C regrowth and pink proposed Category R buffers along Reef watercourses.  Since the 17 March 2016, clearing of native vegetation across all freehold, indigenous and leasehold tenures, within these new proposed regrowth areas, can only occur according to exemptions and/or Self Assessable Codes.

Self Assessable Codes (SACs) that now apply to clearing of proposed Category C and R regrowth
After 17 March 2016, any landholder with proposed Category C and R regrowth needs to check what are the new requirements for lawful clearing.

Unless a PMAV exists, native vegetation in these proposed regrowth areas can only be cleared under:-

  1. Exemptions to clearing
  2. Self Assessable Codes (SAC)

A summary of SAC clearing activities and exemptions relevant to grazing and cropping are available here.

Lodgement date of PMAV may influence how Cat C and R regrowth is assessed
Unless a PMAV issued after 2009 locked in Category X regrowth between 2013 and 2016, there is a high chance proposed Category C and R regrowth will now appear on the Regulated Vegetation Management Map.  The PMAV timeline outlines critical dates that may influence how regrowth is assessed on your property.

Why does woody vegetation need to be cleared?
The Queensland Government reports annually on the rate of woody vegetation clearing and retained cover which includes native trees, drought fodder and woody weeds.  There are many methods for managing woody vegetation including selective and slow-acting herbicides. To understand more about vegetation clearing and the Statewide Landcover and Trees Study (SLATS) data used for monitoring woody cover. See this PDF for a presentation on woody vegetation.

Grazing and Grains in Reef regions

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