Telstra and nbn escalation

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Telstra and nbn escalation

AgForce members can enjoy the benefit of our issues escalation path for Telstra issues.

The process provides an escalation path for situations that have not or cannot be resolved by calling the main contact numbers for Telstra.

If you are experiencing a problem that you believe needs escalating, please contact your AgForce Regional Manager. They will ask you a range of questions, complete a form on your behalf and forward through to our contacts within Telstra.

Please note, this trial is only available to AgForce members who are already connected to, or are attempting to connect to a Telstra retail product or service.

Members must also need to have reported the issue directly to Telstra prior to making contact with your AgForce Regional Manager in order for the issue to be escalated through us.

If you take part in the trial, we ask you to please provide feedback to either your Regional Manager or the Brisbane head office by contacting AgForce Policy Advisor Zach Whale, We are keen to hear from members if the escalation process worked for them.

nbn escalation
Through negotiations with nbn, the AgForce policy team have recently secured an escalation process with nbn local for AgForce members.  AgForce members who are experiencing an issue with their connection/service can now escalate the issue with nbn and have the issue prioritised for resolution.

Firstly, raise an issue with your retail service provider or nbn contact centre.  Ask for the reference number related to your call.

Depending on your issue, contact nbn (1800 687 626) for issues relating to:

  • serviceability
  • rollout technology and timeframe
  • construction work
  • damage
  • restoration
  • infrastructure location issues.
Contact your service provider for:
  • orders
  • connection speed issues
  • bills/fees
  • faults or dropouts
  • appointment scheduling.
Once the issue is raised as per the instructions above, contact your AgForce Regional Manager with the details.

Telstra and nbn escalation

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