Land Court - Resolving disputes without a hearing

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Land Court - Resolving disputes without a hearing

Going to court can often be a stressful and difficult process for farmers involved in disputes relating to their land, natural resources and interactions with mining companies.

Many farmers are unsure about the costs and what alternatives are open to them before considering taking a matter to court.

The Land Court, which hears matters relating to land and natural resources, is aiming to ensure its services and procedures are accessible, flexible, just, fair and innovative.

With this in mind, the Land Court has put together a carefully selected panel of convenors to help parties find a suitably qualified convenor to assist them to resolve their disputes without the need for a hearing.

Their additional qualifications and experience mean the convenors will have a better understanding of:

  • the circumstances of the parties and the issues likely to arise in their disputes
  • the options to resolve the disputes
  • the court’s processes, if the case must be heard by the court.

You can read more about the Land Court’s  ADR Panel of convenors by visiting the Land Court page.

Land Court - Resolving disputes without a hearing

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