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Native Title

Native title is the recognition by Australian law that some Indigenous people have rights and interests to their land that come from their traditional laws and customs. With over 50pc of land in Queensland pastoral term lease that does not automatically extinguish native title, responding to claims is a key area of work for AgForce Queensland.

Through funding provided by the Federal Attorney-General AgForce provides advie to and legally represents pastoralists who are respondents to native title claims.

If you are affected by a claim or would like to get further information about how native title impacts your pastoral lease, please call AgForce Queensland on 3236 3100.

Indigenous Land Use Agreement template

Queensland is one of the few states where landholders considering reaching access agreements with local indigenous people now face a much simpler process following the release of the Pastoral Template Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) for access purposes.

ILUAs allow native title claimants, who can demonstrate an ongoing relationship to their tribal lands, to access pastoral properties for traditional purposes. An ILUA also sets clear parameters for visiting native title holders on issues like access, alcohol, firearms and domestic dogs – areas that have long concerned pastoralists. Until now, parties have had to hammer out their own local agreements with no access to a 'template' agreement to assist them.

The template ILUA is the culmination of many years of work by AgForce as part of a team also comprising State Government officials, the North Queensland Land Council, Queensland South Native Title Services and facilitated by the National Native Title Tribunal. It is not mandatory for a pastoralist to take out public liability insurance on behalf of native title holders as part of an ILUA. However, if they choose to do so it is up to the landholder to access and pay for that insurance. AgForce has negotiated affordable cover for members through QBE Insurance.

Click here for the ILUA template and more information.


Native Title

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