Polaris on Quad Bike Safety

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Polaris on Quad Bike Safety

29 October 2019

ATVs (quad bikes) have been in the news again lately and the implications of the Government’s proposed new laws on producers are yet to be fully understood. But regardless of what the future holds there are things you can do right now to keep younger members of your family and their friends safe around ATVs.

What’s often not understood by many, is that the vast majority of serious injuries and fatalities related children under 16 occur on adult-sized ATVs. These vehicles are not, and never were, intended for use by children under 16. The manufactures have gone to great lengths to try and make this widely known and there are warning labels on the vehicles which clearly state this undeniable fact. But may still ignore these warning and risk their children’s safety. There is simply no place for children, either as riders or passengers, on these adult-sized vehicles under any circumstances.

If you choose to allow your youngsters to ride an ATV then there are age-appropriate ATVs available, but one size does not fit all. ATVs are rated into categories for riders 6 and above (the minimum age), 10 and above, 12 and above and 14 and above. Adult ATVs are only for ages 16 and above.

So please, with school holidays already on the horizon you need to ensure that if your youngsters are going to be on an ATV that:

  • The vehicle they are on is appropriate for their age, as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • They wear a properly fitting motorcycle helmet and appropriate protective gear.
  • They are always actively supervised by a responsible adult. ATVs are not toys and all ATVs of all sizes need to be treated with respect.
  • They never carry passengers or ride as a passenger on any sized ATV.
  • The ATV is in good mechanical condition.

There is more information in the vehicle’s owner manual and AgForce can help if you have any questions.

Thank you to Polaris Australia for contributing this article.


Polaris on Quad Bike Safety

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