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Red Tape Cuts

Unnecessary or poorly targeted regulation represents an avoidable time and financial cost to primary production enterprises and is responsible for reduced productivity and frustration.

In 2016 AgForce undertook a quick review which showed that just at a state-level Queensland agriculture was affected by regulation contained within over 75 Acts and Regulations covering over 17,590 pages, not including local Government by-laws, Codes or Federal legislation. A further 50 Acts are administered by the Federal Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources. 

One of AgForce's key roles is to engage with government regulators to remove unnecessary regulation and streamline and improve any needed regulations so as to create the best environment for operating farming and grazing businesses.

AgForce recommends that governments use 'best practice' regulatory processes, including impact assessments of proposed laws, and implement a regular cost/benefit analysis to better identify and prioritise regulations for reform. We highlight a number of priority areas included regulations concerning: the environment (including vegetation); transportation; workplace safety and employment; resource sector impact management; taxation; firearms; and kangaroo management.

Educating producers on regulations and any changes is vitally important but underdone by governments and this is an area where AgForce can contribute to keeping producers up to date with their responsibilities. 

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Red Tape Cuts

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