Water Planning

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Water Planning

The Queensland Government plans for the allocation and sustainable management of water to meet the state's future water needs and achieve a sustainable balance between meeting socio-economic and environmental needs. These Water Plans (WPs) are governed by the Water Act 2000 and implemented by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME). Supporting the WPs, water management protocols (WMPs) implement strategies specified in the WP by guiding the practical day-to-day efforts to share and manage the water resources.

Please go to the DNRME website for:

  • an overview on the water resource planning process
  • a map summarising the status of water resource planning for different catchments
  • the timetables for water planning.

Unallocated water within a catchment can technically be made available for future consumptive use, within the limits of achieving a sustainable overall level of use. Information about how the Government manages unallocated water, including the release of water from general reserves, can be found on the DNRME website.

AgForce liaises with the Government to provide input into water planning processes and communicates to members about opportunities to take part in consultation processes relevant to their catchment. AgForce is supportive of the release of unallocated water that can be used without compromising the environment or the supply to existing water users.

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Water Planning

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